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Founded in 1871, Graydon Head is the oldest general practice law firm in Cincinnati.

With 3 Greater Cincinnati locations, Graydon Head remains 100% committed to our region.

Covering 7 major industry groups, Graydon Head has structured its service delivery to best meet the needs of our clients.

With 80 attorneys, we utilize a team-based approach in solving our clients' problems and adding value to their organizations.

Community service is an essential part of our Firm's identity. Each year our people donate thousands of hours to organizations in the not-for-profit, arts, and community service sectors.

Featured Attorney

  • Kevin L. Murphy

    Kevin Murphy grew up in a rough neighborhood in New York, mentioned over and over again in the film, “Goodfellas.” By age 15, he was working in an Italian deli. Worked hard, kept his mouth shut. Next to the deli was a building with the windows soaped over so you could not see inside. The two buildings were connected in back.

    One day, the owner asked Kevin’s mother if he could work late, real late. She said fine, as long he got home OK. She left, the owner opened the door to the next building and Kevin saw it was filled with card tables, craps tables, the works. One hour later, the characters were right out of a “Sopranos” episode.  more

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