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Founded in 1871, Graydon Head is the oldest general practice law firm in Cincinnati.

With 3 Greater Cincinnati locations, Graydon Head remains 100% committed to our region.

Covering 7 major industry groups, Graydon Head has structured its service delivery to best meet the needs of our clients.

With 80 attorneys, we utilize a team-based approach in solving our clients' problems and adding value to their organizations.

Community service is an essential part of our Firm's identity. Each year our people donate thousands of hours to organizations in the not-for-profit, arts, and community service sectors.

Featured Attorney

  • Darren W. Ford

    Darren Ford grew up in Connecticut, in a home where his parents encouraged him to pursue a variety of things. So he did. He would try one thing, learn from it, build on it and move onto the next thing. His life so far has unfolded in this way.

    It was his mother’s idea to introduce him to the New York TV commercial/acting scene. He did a couple regional commercials, was an extra in a number of big films, and starred in a national anti-drug video for the U.S. Department of Education. “I had to memorize lines quickly and formulate ideas for how to approach various scenes and situations. I had to intuit much of what the directors wanted to accomplish.” more

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